Team Profile: Dianne Mineer

Team Profile: Dianne Mineer

Dianne Mineer, marketing executive at Osmond Marketing, takes “hitting the ground running” to an impressive new level. Not only does she compete in marathons and Spartan races, but she also manages marketing projects with unparalleled grace and efficiency.

Native to a small town in Idaho, Dianne has always had the cheerfulness and confidence that make her great at her job. In high school, she participated in cheerleading, and although she was voted “most ditzy” her senior year, she earned straight As. After high school, she gained priceless life experience spending 15 months in Europe and a summer working at Disney World. These experiences gave her “a different perspective on the world,” she says.

Today, her life experiences have culminated to make her positive, versatile, and world-wise. She speaks German and Spanish, has what she calls a “Swiss” personality, and strives to better herself, inspired by her husband, who encourages her to be the best she can be.

She ended up at Osmond Marketing in a very Dianne way: she heard about Osmond Marketing in a BYU communications class and “hounded the CEO on LinkedIn to test [her] out.” Her primary job at Osmond is to be a project manager. That means she strategizes how best to make each client’s vision a high-quality reality. With many clients, impending deadlines, and eternal last-minute changes, Dianne’s positivity and on-top-of-it vibe are inspiring.

Comparing herself to Bugs Bunny, Dianne says, “I’m always running a mile a minute and like to get into peoples’ business!” But we like to think of it not as her getting into peoples’ business but as people sharing their business with her because she’s approachable. She’s one of the reasons Osmond is such a pleasant place to work.

“I love our friendly culture at Osmond Marketing,” she says. “I’m constantly learning and growing—there is an expert in every field that I can call upon for guidance!” While PR isn’t Dianne’s specialty, she’s learned from our PR experts and has come up with a formula for how to be a great PR person: wit plus knowledge plus professionalism.

Dianne showcases similar skills with her content marketing, which she says is important because “the internet would be a very boring place indeed if it were only code.” Too true!

Whether she’s on an adventure in a foreign land or perfecting a brochure for a client, Dianne consistently follows her own formula for PR success. Her wit, knowledge, and professionalism make her a great content marketer and person. When she hits the ground running on the track and at Osmond, she intends to win.