OM Spotlight: Weldon McKenzie


OM Spotlight: Weldon McKenzie

Weldon McKenzie is a content writer at Osmond Marketing who wants to tell your story. He creates the written content for our company and he loves creating content as diverse as the clients he serves. With a degree in mass communication and a history in journalism, he uses his invaluable writing skill to create customer-centric content.

Weldon grew up in Houston, Texas, where he attended Texas State University and wrote for the campus newspaper. After college, he worked in multiple newspapers around Austin before eventually going into tech-industry writing and eventually joining the OM team. He loves extremes, both physical and creative; when he’s not writing, he can be found mountain climbing and camping in the wonderful outdoors here in Utah.

When it comes to extremes in writing, Weldon loves content writing for clients. “Whereas a journalistic style of writing is very formulaic and austere,” he says, “writing content for marketing purposes opens up a whole new dimension of creativity that really lets you explore the true threshold of your writing ability.” He believes that making good content is a tricky balance between creative storytelling and having the kind of content that clients want. That balance is what he loves about marketing. “Marketing is a marriage of disseminating information while at the same time introducing readers to a product or service that they might want or even need.”

What does Weldon love most about working at Osmond marketing? “The speed that we are able to produce results while still maintaining top-notch quality is unparalleled,” he says. “That is the result of our ability to be collaborative yet individualistic in our thinking, supportive yet constructively critical of what we produce. And best of all, we just have fun with it!”