OM Spotlight: Makenzie Clawson


OM Spotlight: Makenzie Clawson

Makenzie Clawson can’t get enough of the beach. A Utah transplant born in California, she vacationed regularly on the coast of the Golden State before finally attending Brigham Young University Hawaii. Fortunately, while at that college a stone’s throw from the shore, she discovered her other love: graphic design.

Makenzie enjoys art in all its forms. A lifelong theater fan, Makenzie’s auditioned for shows as often as she could (even snagging the role of Bilbo Baggins in an off-brand production of The Hobbit). She first ran into graphic design while in college and discovered a knack for collaboration and a passion for creative content, making her own art every day.

“I found and fell in love with graphic design,” she says, “which allows for creativity, but also precision and purpose, and is actually a marketable skill! And now, I can’t imagine doing anything better.” Makenzie especially loves how graphic design takes all those different art styles and mediums and puts them together. “You can study and practice water colors and calligraphy for a wedding invitation suite, or pottery for a new unique take on a wine bottle. You can combine brush strokes on paper with photography and digital lines on a screen to create a juxtaposition that never could have existed otherwise.”

On working at Osmond Marketing, she says, “I love the mobility of our staff, that we are working with people from all around the country and the world. I think that’s really unique.”

As for her advice for creating content, Makenzie says, “You research what other people are doing with this type of project and then try to take it one step further.” Her drive to make new content on top of her other passions helps her create the great content we strive for.