Jessica Eyre Joins Osmond Marketing as new Project Manager

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Jessica Eyre Joins Osmond Marketing as new Project Manager

Jessica Eyre—like Jane Eyre—is a seasoned writer who graduated in journalism and began her career in newspapers. She worked in a variety of roles including copyediting, headline writing, page design, music and TV reviews, and special sections. She moved to marketing, where she built niche websites and got to write about family activities in Utah with her kids in tow. Other work experience includes the Sundance Film Festival as a festival editor and a marketing strategist for an agency specializing in higher education.

When she’s not working, you will likely find Jessica at a movie theater with the reclining chairs and a big tub of popcorn, in a small music club to see one of many indie American folk rock groups passing through Salt Lake City, or hanging with her husband and kids: Caleb, 10, and Lucy, 6. She’s very good at putting on her best “I’m interested” face when listening to a recount of recently viewed YouTube videos in excruciating detail, or an endless string of knock-knock jokes made up on the spot.

Jessica does actually love spending time with her family, riding bikes, watching movies, and going on weekend staycations at a nearby hotel for good food, swimming, and someone else making the beds in the morning. You won’t find her cooking if she can help it, but she loves a good burger on the grill, a food truck rally, or a locally owned dive serving street tacos.

She is an avid consumer of pop culture, and she has a firm belief that nearly every life situation can be related to an episode of Seinfeld. She likes to think of herself as a big reader, but it really only happens now when she’s on an airplane.