GuideCX + Osmond Marketing

Your client wants to know three things:

  1. When will I receive my deliverable?
  2. Who’s in charge?
  3. What am I paying for?
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If you can’t immediately answer those questions, you need a better project management and client onboarding system.


That’s where GuideCX comes in. Think about this:

  • Full transparency into project status, next steps, and go-live dates
  • Communication automation during the onboarding/implementation process
  • Reduction of time between purchase date and project completion
  • Managing expectations for better customer satisfaction
  • Increasing accountability to promote engagement
  • All-around sanity saver

Also, here’s a treat: Until the end of January 2021, GuideCX will be offering two free months to anyone who signs an annual contract after the 14-day free trial. And if that isn’t enough, you’ll be receiving a free website audit from the award-winning content marketing agency Osmond Marketing.

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14-Day Trial with Two Months Free*

  • Offer clients full transparency into project status, next steps, and go-live dates
  • Work faster by automating communication during the onboarding and implementation process
  • Reduce the time between purchase date and project completion
  • Manage expectations for better customer satisfaction and long-term relationships
  • Provide complete visibility into the project, which increases accountability and promotes engagement
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Comprehensive Website Audit**

  • Analyze all backlinks
  • Highlight low-quality content
  • Provide recommendations to improve page load times
  • Recommend on-page SEO
  • Research content gap opportunities
  • Review structured data and rich snippets
  • Ensure website is mobile optimized
  • Review broken links (404s)
  • Find all indexing issues
  • Review organic traffic
  • Improve click-through rates
  • Compile full audit report

Automation and a healthy, optimized website have never been easier.

*For the first year, GuideCX will grant two months at no cost, so the renewal date will be 14 months from the activation date but will follow a 12-month renewal schedule thereafter.

**Osmond Marketing will provide an audit report analyzing everything outlined on this page. The website audit will be performed at an agreed-upon date in 2021.